Inside the June issue of the BV magazine, the heart of the Blackmore Vale:

The BV – every month we’re jam-packed with Dorset goodness. News, opinion, people, farming, wildlife … and frankly stunning photography. And it’s FREE. Why wouldn’t you want a flick through?

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This most recent issue of the BV magazine – don’t forget to use the square-shaped icon bottom right to make it full screen! (and yes, we’re totally different from the original weekly printed Blackmore Vale Magazine – Reach PLC stopped publishing the old newspaper in March 2020)

A modern successor

The BV – the Blackmore Vale magazine – sits in its own space between a free local newspaper and a glossy magazine. Launched in 2020 after the original, much-loved Blackmore Vale Magazine weekly free paper closed, it has swiftly become a trusted powerful voice that covers in-depth community news and issues, combined with entertaining local expert columnists on all aspects of life in a modern rural community.
“my favourite half hour of the month!”
With strong reporting on the biggest local issues, celebrity guests, local profiles, jobs, what’s on, equestrian, art, wildlife, amazing photography, local small businesses… Read it on your tablet, phone, or computer; swish the pages just like a magazine, share articles with friends or family… Fully interactive and always free.

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The BV is a modern successor to the original Blackmore Vale Magazine – it’s a ‘glossy’ monthly digital magazine from North Dorset, and is for anyone who loves Dorset. Never the free paper you pick up from the floor of the petrol station, The BV is the half hour read you spend a weekend coffee with.

We sit comfortably in our own niche; important local issues and news, along with contemporary rural living. Nationally-important art alongside farming, unique Dorset walks sit with wildlife, leading naturally to the amazing local Dorset food & drink. Not to mention the pages of charity and community news, jobs and business news … all in a glorious high res glossy magazine format with a stunning high-end visual aesthetic.
The BV magazine is a slice of contemporary rural Dorset life – no tabloid headlines, simply reliable news, entertaining columns and unstinting support for local independent small businesses and community causes. Our brilliant team of hugely experienced local columnists include the top five wine merchant in the UK, the CEO of Dorset Chamber, a member of the Guild of Food Writers executive committee, a world-renowned Thoroughbred horse breeder, a rising national star in Three Day Eventing, a popular author with seemingly-limitless knowledge of Dorset’s local history – and even regular contributions from the legendary ex-editor of the original Blackmore Vale Magazine, Fanny Charles …
Remember: we never print – we’re only digital, fully interactive and you can read us anywhere (and if you pop your email in the subscription form, we’ll come straight to your inbox every month).