• I’ll say right at the top that we have Kate Adie (KATE ADIE!) answering our Random 19 questions this month (p.60). Journalist, war correspondent, broadcaster and author… she’s been a personal inspiration for decades. Imagine my disappointment at her attitude to dunking chocolate digestives.

• Local girl Honeysuckle, the record-breaking racehorse has this week made history again as the first mare to be crowned Leading Hurdler by the TBA (p.42).

• last week armed police chased suspected hare coursers near Blandford, arresting four suspects – we have the details, plus why illegal hare coursing is still an issue (p.4).

• we’ve beautiful imagery of the crop circle on Okeford Hill – and have looked at the impact to the farmer (p.6)

• Britain’s Best Bangers – officially found in the tiny village of Ludwell (p.😎

• We attended Dorset Chamber‘s trailblazing event ‘Talking Menopause’ – the online business event was so groundbreaking it made the BBC news.

• The ‘alpaca-shaped evil nemesis’ of Andrew is already causing comment (p.52)

• Oh, and Thomas Hardy fans will probably wish to skip Andy Palmer’s column this month… (p.26).

• I seem to say it every month – but this month’s Reader’s Photography submission pile was our biggest and best yet. Do take your time to appreciate those pages (p84-87). This month’s stunning cover photo of the hiding roe deer is by Marilyn Jane Peddle, and the astonishing night sky image as always by RPN Photography.

It’s our anniversary edition – we’d just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has read, liked, commented and shared over the last twelve months. 🙌