• World famous film director Guy Ritchie opened the new 3G football pitch in Shaftesbury this month – we were there (and yes we can tell you exactly what a 3G pitch is).

(*see the digital BV September issue here: https://bit.ly/BVSep21FS* )

• Last month Andy Palmer used his column to voice a strong opinion on Thomas Hardy; it appears he struck a chord. The Letters Page (p.66) could have been filled twice over. Plus a certain bestselling author wrote back to defend her crisp opinions (yes, that’s her opinions on potato snacks, not her snappy thoughts).

• A new Dorset Crop Circle appeared last week just outside Blandford – we’ve got stunning aerial photography of it just before it was cut.

• Our Random 19 guest this month is internationally renowned sculptor Simon Gudgeon – and he’s yet another with an incorrect opinion on biscuit dunking. (Sculpture by the Lakes)

• Chris Loder MP is discussing the Afghan Crisis, and locally The Vale Pantry have been examining causes of food poverty in North Dorset.

Bere Marsh Farm have had huge success with their barn owls this year – we‘ve found out exactly what old sandwiches had to do with it.

• We’re thrilled to welcome Lucy Procter from The Glanvilles Stud Ltd. as a new equestrian columnist – she’ll be giving us an insider’s peek into a life breeding Throughbreds. Plus gratuitous shots of this year’s foals, obviously.

• We’re excited about the launch of the latest in the wonderful Deepest Books series – following on the heels of Deepest Wiltshire, Fanny Charles and Gay Pirrie-Weir have produced Deepest Somerset, sharing the fascinating secrets of the county (TOP Christmas gift suggestion!).

• Young local wildlife photographer Jasmine Shiner has her first exhibition in Blandford

• We discovered how baking cheesecakes helped The Dorset Cheesecake Company, who are celebrating a first birthday of a business borne out of an anxious lockdown.

• All alongside the usual 100+ pages of interesting reads; from local history to rural living, farming to health and wellbeing, plus the stunning reader’s photography and of course property and jobs.