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All the past issues of The BV magazine, which launched as The Blackmore Vale magazine in August 2020 (in November 2021 we simplified to simply ‘The BV’).
Simply click the covers below to go ahead and read any or all of the back copies of the BV magazine – every past edition of the Blackmore Vale magazine is right here and ready for you to read.

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BV issue 46 - June 2024

BV issue 45 - May 2024

BV issue 44 - April 2024

BV issue 43 - Mar 2024

BV issue 42 - Feb 2024

BV issue 41 - Jan 2024

BV issue 40 - Dec 2023

BV issue 40 - Nov 2023

BV issue 39 - Oct 2023

BV issue 37 - Sep 2023

BV issue 36 - Aug 2023

BV issue 35 - Jul 2023

BV issue 34 - Jun 2023

BV issue 33 – May 2023

BV issue 32 - Apr 23

BV issue 31 - Mar 2023

BV issue 30 - Feb 2023

BV issue 29 - Jan 2023

BV issue 28 - Dec 2022

BV issue 27 - Nov 2022

BV issue 26 - Oct 2022

BV issue 25 - Sep 2022

BV issue 24 - Aug 2022

BV issue 23 - Jul 2022

BV issue 22 - Jun 2022

BV issue 21 - May 2022

BV issue 20 - Apr 2022

BV issue 19 - Mar 2022

BV issue 18 - Feb 2022

BV issue 17 - Jan 22

BV issue 16 - Dec 2021

BV issue 15 - Nov 2021

BV issue 14 - Oct 2021

BV issue 13 - Sept 2021

BV issue 12 - Aug 2021

BV issue 11 - July 2021

BV issue 10 - June 2021

BV issue 9 - May 2021

BV issue 8 - Apr 2021

BV issue 7 - Mar 2021

BV issue 6 - Feb 2021

BV issue 5 - Jan 2021

BV issue 4 - Dec 2020

BV issue 3 - Nov 2020

BV issue 2 - Oct 2020

BV issue 1 - Sep 2020

BV Past Issues library

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Quick user guide:

Unlike the old paper Blackmore Vale magazine, we know for some that simply reading a digital magazine can occasionally vex you. Some find it helpful to have a few tips on the best way to read the digital magazine online, so here’s some pointers on the tools provided to make life easy for you:

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past issues of the BV magazine with user guide

This icon sits bottom right of the viewing window – click it to make the magazine fill your screen, meaning it’s not only easy to read, but that yoou get the full benefot of all that glorious photography


Find this icon top left of the magazine window. Each magazine can be downloaded to read ‘offline’ if you prefer to (though if you do this the videos won’t work, which may make the Dorset Island Discs a little less fun!) – simply click this downward-pointing arrow in the top left corner of the magazine screen. The files are BIG though – it’s 120+ pages of goodness every month. Downloading is brilliant for a train journey with patchy signal!


The search tool is bottom right of the window, looking like a magnifying glass. Looking for something or someone? Use the search option – this will find every time your entered phrase appears in the magazine. It’s a swift way to find the ‘recipe’, or ‘Roger Guttridge‘ local history article, or where you saw that article on ‘hairy-footed flower bees’. Please note, the search function won’t work on the jobs pages – these are uploaded as images, so the magazine, clever though it is, can’t figure out what the text is within those. Come on, there are limits to technology…


how to share past issues of the BV magazine

Look top right! Read something you’d like to pass on? We make it super easy! If you would like to share an article in the magazine with someone – or to your own social media – then you can simply hit the ‘share’ option in the top right of the magazine screen. That will give you easy options to share to social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, and also a direct link which you can copy and send in an aemail or message. It looks like this:

Just a quick note – any time you hit share, you will link people direct to the page you are currently looking at.
So if you think your sister will like this month’s recipe while you’re reading it, just hit the share button, grab the link and Whatsapp it to her – it’ll open right on the recipe page when she clicks it.