BV Magazine Issue 27 | November 22

November edition of The BV is here! Just a quick reminder (we know it needs to be said from time to time for new subscribers!) – if you’re one of those who thinks ‘I won’t read this because I picked it up in the petrol station last week’ – I’m afraid you didn’t. We really do never print, and we are not in any way connected to any free local papers!
This month: 👉 Stalbridge teen Ruby ‘the Pocket Rocket’ is European Champion 👉 The Repair Shop’s Sonnaz takes on the Random 19 👉 John the Fish (when you know, you know) 👉 a magnificent story of chicken love (that one comes with a warning – you’ll SO want chickens when you see it) 👉 plus farming, fascinating wildlife (thanks to @grahampbannister for the spectacular hares – possibly my favourite layout ever), loads of Dorset food & drink…
Come on in. Coffee’s always on, and we’re partial to posh biscuits.

  • The Pocket Rocket is European Champion! 15 year-old boxer Ruby White from Stalbridge has won her first European title
  • John the Fish. If you’ve ever bought fish from a car park in Wimborne (hear us out) then you’ll know what an institution Bells Fisheries is
  • The Repair Shop’s expert upholsterer Sonnaz might grace your favourite evening TV show, but she’s also braved the Random 19 – did you know she lives near Wimborne? Or that she loves prawn cocktail crisps and custard creams? Oh yes, we were sure to get all the hard-hitting insider info
  • Haidy Mansfield has a rescue hen rehoming day this month. WARNING – see her story, and you’ll be seriously wondering if you do in fact have room for a young retiree chicken or three.
  • Acclaimed author and journalist Roger Guttridge tells the story of Australia’s first non-Aboriginal great-grandmother who came from Sturminster Newton, and takes a look at Shaftesbury’s workhouse.  

Why WOULDN’T you flip through?