BV Magazine Issue 26 | October 22

👉 Hate those dreaded GP’s online systems you have to battle to get an appointment? NHS Dorset is investing in technology to improve care for the population – often unpopular, the new online systems have become necessary to cope with demand.

👉 If you think your traditional turkey is a dry, under-flavoured, over-rated bird, then you might want to change where you buy it. Local turkey farmers have shared a look inside their industry; have you booked yours yet?

👉 Stourhead-born philanthropist and environmentalist Edward Hoare takes on the Random 19

👉 In a fascinating A Country Living, Tracie interviewed Master Thatcher Mike Howe. Far from drawing life’s short straw, he switched career to own an artisan business and teach future generations an ancient skill.

👉 In the always-popular Local History section, Roger’s sharing some brilliant pictures of the original The Green Man at Kings Stag in Then & Now, and he’s looking at Thomas Hardy’s rough-and-ready sketch-map of ‘Tess’s Country’ that Hardy drew as he was preparing to write Tess of the d’Urbervilles. Rupert Hardy has shared the story of Blandford’s B’Stard brothers, including the update involving the portrait of William B’Stard with his black eye.

👉 Plus there’s pages of local Food & Drink, 12 pages of What’s On, we welcome the return of Rob Nolan, our Night Sky columnist and photographer, and Jane Adams takes us for a walk at dusk. SO much to get through this month!