February issue out NOW! A major film star STUNS Dorset Breakfast DJ • Alarming local dognapping case in Marnhull • The very latest news on the Council’s plans for St Marys • Loads of delicious news & columns for your morning coffee read.

Who’d have thought we’d be sharing a real Film Star A-Lister celebrity in some local Dorset news this month? We watched the Twitter drama unfold live before our eyes, and just couldn’t resist sharing the wonderful story – you may have seen in on the main news, but we’ve got the inside story from the Dorset connection.

Plus almost a HUNDRED of you sent us your Valentine’s messages – and they’re utterly joyous. We know, it’s over a week away, so ssshhhh. Your secret’s safe with us (and the thousands of other readers, obviously) til then.

Andy Palmer b’aint lost, to be fair; he’s off up the gurt big hill. And we’re excited to welcome James Cossins, a 5th Generation farmer from the heart of the Tarrant Valley taking up the new Farming column.