Health & Safety Policy

Bluebean Publishing, despite being a compact team of two full-time members working remotely, is committed to upholding rigorous health and safety standards in line with our operational activities and the nature of our work. Our health and safety policy is tailored to our remote work environment, focusing on ergonomics, mental health, and digital security, ensuring a safe and productive workspace for our team and freelancers.

Ergonomic Workspaces: We advocate for and assist our team in setting up ergonomic workstations at home. This includes guidance on appropriate desk and chair height, monitor positioning, and the use of peripherals to prevent strain injuries. Regular reminders and tips on maintaining a healthy posture and taking breaks are communicated through our internal channels.

Mental Health and Wellbeing: Recognising the potential isolation and stress associated with remote work, we have established support systems including regular check-ins, access to mental health resources, and flexible working hours to accommodate personal needs, thereby promoting a healthy work-life balance.

Digital Security and Data Protection: With the nature of our work primarily being digital, we emphasise the importance of cybersecurity. Our team is equipped with secure, encrypted connections (VPNs) and we enforce strict password policies and regular software updates to protect against cyber threats. Regular training sessions are held on data protection and cybersecurity best practices.

Emergency Preparedness: Even in a home office setting, we understand the importance of being prepared for emergencies. We provide guidance on setting up a safe work environment, including fire safety (such as having functioning smoke detectors and accessible fire extinguishers) and first aid.

Contractor and Freelancer Management: When engaging with contractors and freelancers, we ensure they are briefed on our health and safety policies relevant to their work with us. This includes data security protocols, confidentiality agreements, and the expectation to work in a safe and ergonomically sound environment.

Continuous Review and Improvement: We are committed to regularly reviewing and updating our health and safety policies to adapt to new risks, ensuring continuous improvement. Feedback from our team and freelancers is actively sought and incorporated into our health and safety practices.

In summary, Bluebean Publishing has implemented a comprehensive health and safety management system that addresses the unique challenges of remote work, ensuring the well-being of our team and the secure, efficient delivery of services to our clients.