We’re a monthly digital magazine – and if your business was relevant to the readers of the old Blackmore Vale Magazine, then we’re keen to work with you, and to help you reach them!

But why us? Isn’t it only young people who are reading on their phones?

Actually… no!

Do you get most of your news from a printed newspaper? No? Then why expect your customers to do so? (If you’re here, then you’ve just proved it works!)

70% of us consume our news online – and before you say it, yes, even in the older 55yrs+ demographic only 30% of people get their news from print. It’s not just a random statistic either – we know that over 70% of our thousands of readers are over the age of 45 – and 25% of our total readership is aged 65+.

Of course people still read newspapers; but they’re reading online more. The biggest spending demographic is the 41-59yr old bracket, and these are also high users of digital media. The fact you’re reading this is the basic proof it works – you found us. Digital isn’t ‘tomorrow’ – it’s here today, which is why all the biggest, still-successful news outlets have switched to a digital platform (and one of the big reasons why we ourselves opted for digital-only). It’s flexible, interactive, always available… and global-pandemic proof!

What we are looking for is to build long term relationships with local businesses – not short term sales. It’s very important to us to help you – simply because if you are successful then so will we be! Our aim is to keep The Blackmore Vale local and connected to the heart of our community, an invaluable resource for all who live and work here.

You can book direct online if you know what you want. Just click here.
Or give Courtenay a call on 01258 472572, or email him on with your questions.

We’re a local husband and wife team – Laura & Courtenay – and we live right here in the heart of the Blackmore Vale (Sturminster Newton has been our home for almost 30yrs). We have been running our own businesses in North Dorset for the last fifteen years. Effectively, we are you – we know exactly how tough times are right now – and what it takes to run a successful business in our own rural corner of the country.