Advertising in the BV

We’re a monthly, purely digital, magazine (please note we aren’t connected to the fortnightly printed newspaper the New Blackmore Vale Magazine). We go out direct to over 16,000 local inboxes every month (we’re not subscription-only, we can be read anywhere: this is just the number of people who receive us on publication day), but across all platforms 250,000 people a month see our content. We have an engaged local readership, and also offer highly targeted and engaged social media campaigns which can begin instantly.

Consumption of traditional print media continues to fall – in 2023 only 14 per cent of people in the UK get their news from print, and media companies are managing the economic downturn by accelerating their path to digital, shifting resources further away from print.

We enjoy building long term relationships with local businesses, not short term sales. It’s very important to us to help you – simply because if you are successful then so will we be! Our aim is to keep The BV local and connected to the heart of our community, as an invaluable resource for all who live and work here.

To advertise, just give Courtenay a call on 01258 472572, or email him on