In the news this month is Ruby Else-White, the 14yr old boxer from Stalbridge who’s heading for Olympic Gold. We’ve also shared the heartwarming story of Caitlin and her princess shoes, and the not-so-heartwarming story of those perennial orange barriers by Sturminster Newton Bridge.
But it’s not all ugly in Stur – Rachael Rowe has been exploring the tragic tale which is commemorated by the Art Deco masterpiece in St Marys.

We’re sad to share the news of the passing of optometrist Robert Frith – well-known and well-respected locally, especially in Marnhull, and his obituary reveals his athletic past.

Channel 4 TV Judge, Chef and food writer, local Philippa Davies takes on the Random 19 – her advice to her teen self is admirably astute.

The solar farm planning application near Hazelbury Bryan has caused a local furore – we’ve run two stories on it, as the CPRE choose their own column, and the head of the campaigners against the installation asked very nicely if he could share his own views. As our whole purpose is to share local news and issues, it seemed rude to refuse.

We’ve a big Dorset Art Weeks Feature, plus our quarterly Property Special – don’t miss that for the latest on what and who is moving where locally.

Also, I wouldn’t read the Editor’s Letter if I were you. Boring. Nothing to see there. Sigh.