BV Magazine Issue 29 | January 23

January issue – crammed with brilliant local people talking about really interesting Dorset stuff, and some of the most AMAZING photography from our readers. Grab a coffee and have a flick through.

Some quick highlights:

  • Rupert Hardy, chairman of the North Dorset CPRE, takes a look at the case for large Dorset solar farms in our fields vs. solar panels on roofs – P.6
  • Could there actually be an economic case for ploughing a motorway through Dorset? Andrew Livingston ponders the question – P.72
  • There’s six pages of local history, including the inside story of Britain’s ‘most haunted manor’ at Sandford Orcas, and an in a new column we gain an exclusive look into the world’s largest collection of Dorset postcards, with some rarely seen before images – starts on P.42
  • Prices may be falling and mortage lenders nervous – but house hunters are still looking to move. A round table of local experts takes a look at the Dorset housing market in 2023 – P.14
  • Take a deep breath of calm as you move slowly through the six pages of reader’s photography this month – the standard is astonishing and there was a genuine battle for the front cover this month. Did we get it right? – P.72
  • New organiser James Cox talks exclusively to editor Laura about his plans for the Dorset County Show in 2023 – P.11
  • Take a look at the life of Dorset farrier Sam Wilkes and you will believe horseshoes really are lucky – P.20
  • Plus there’s the all the Dorset food and drink, the oddly soothing gardening (I do not grow vegetables. But I would never miss Barry Cuff’s allotment column), fascinating Dorset wildlife, the farming section will really make you think… why wouldn’t you have a flick through?

(Quick reminder – we’re NEVER PRINTED. The only way to read the BV’s jam-packed goodness is right here online)