Putting on a LitFest and 11,000 miles from Blandford… to Bridport


It’s a mixed package for the first of the October podcasts. After the usual start with the letters, we delve straight into the politics columns. Then Jenny has a fascinating conversation with Dorchester Literary Festival’s co-organiser Janet Gleeson, and Terry talks to Pauline Batstone who’s currently in Bridport … the one 11,000 miles away in Tasmania!

  • Letters. As usual we start the month with the letter from the editor, in which Laura looks for the goodness of humans – and shares an only-Laura tale of four cheeses – as well as all the BV’s reader’s letters.
  • In politics this month, newly-elected MP for Somerton and Frome, whose consituency encompasses the western end of the Blackmroe Vale, sets out her plan of activity for the coming months. Ken Huggins from the Green party looks at Dorsets first COP – and the inspiring positivity surrounding the event.
    Labour’s Pat Osborne is raising an eyebrow at the rising NHS waiting list – and looking at the far-reraching consequences of them. West Dorset MP Chris Loder has launched a campaign to make the stretch of A30 between Sherborne and Yeovil (a stretch he calls an ‘unofficial racetrack’) safer.
  • Jenny sat down with Dorchester LitFest organiser Janet Gleeson to look at some of the highlights of this year’s much-anticipated festival, with a round up of authors from Victoria Hilsop returning for a third visit to first-timer Lemn Sissay, one of Janet’s personal favourite poets. Together they discuss the appeal of non-fiction authors at literary festivals, how unpredictable the success of any talk can be … and also to hear about the nuts and bolts of running such a large, popular literary event.
  • Lastly, Terry chatted to Cllr Pauline Batstone who is currently 11,000 miles away – just outside Bridport, near Weymouth. I’ll leave her to explain how…


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