Wakely Cox on lonely farming & the Squat Thrusters of Sherborne | BV Podcast


In this BV podcast episode:

Terry speaks to Ian Girling to discover just what the Dorset Chamber of Commerce does – and also to find out the insider guide to the prestigious Dorset Business Awards.

Jenny visits Alex Woodhouse to find out about the popular summer pop up restaurant at Supper at Pleck  

Terry spoke to Dick Bennet about the Sherborne Squat Thrusters, a 50-year-old circuit training group with an average member age of 73: ‘the circuit has admittedly got a little more gentle as we’ve got older… and the rehydration in the pub afterwards is just as important!’ They are always happy to welcome new members – they get particularly excited if it drops their average age a bit. People in their 50s and 60s and even younger are very welcome – it is requested that they just don’t show up the older members too much.

Wakely Cox is a fourth generation farmer just outside Dorchester – and a hugely respected  advocate for Dorset farming. He’s the current chair of Dorset NFU, and one of his other roles is as chair of the Poole Harbour Agricultural Group, challenging the Environment Agency and the apportioned ‘farmer nitrate pollution’ of Poole Harbour. He talks to Jenny about how farming has changed since his grandparents time.


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