From Seals to Skies, via some cheese: Dorset Stories


Discover the Dorset seals with expert Sarah Hodgson, join terminally-ill 75-year-old Marilyn McDonald’s attempt at a daring wing walk, dip into Peter Morgan’s award-winning cheese, and uncover the debates around Yeovil’s Stroke Unit. Plus, discover the inspiring journey of Sarah Rampton and the work of her charity, In Jolly Good Company. Just click play below to listen now

Encountering seals on the Dorset shore is increasingly common – Dorset Wildlife Trust’s seals expert Sarah Hodgson chats to Jenny about why there is technically no Dorset population, what you should do if you see one and why certain frisbees should be avoided when on the beach.
See the full article in the June issue here –

In spite of her terminal illness, 75-year-old Marilyn McDonald planned a daring wing walk to raise funds for Dorset charity Countrymen UK. She talks with Terry about the charity, and why she decided to try standing on top of an aeroplane instead of simply having a cake sale (‘Possibly not one of my better ideas! But it’s about raising awareness as much as money, and you wouldn’t be interviewing me if I’d just sold some cakes!’. 
See the full article with pictures of Marilyn in the June issue here –

Peter Morgan of Cranborne’s Book and Bucket Cheese Company talks to Jenny about his award-winning cheesemaking – made from very local milk which is from cow to cheese in under 24 hours. Peters talks to Jenny about setting up the business just as Covid hit, the joy of seasonal cheese, and his most recent launch of a new cheese, Stowaway – you might say it was literally launched, as the new product has been created specifically for the Queen Anne cruise ship, the latest addition to the Cunard fleet.

Yeovil’s Stroke Unit controversy – amid the public debate, Rachael Rowe looks at the pros and cons of NHS Somerset’s plans to centralise services (Terry reads)

Sarah Rampton’s tenacity stood her in good stead when she was made redundant from the Alzheimer’s Society. She promptly set up her own charity, In Jolly Good Company and now supports more than 200 people (open to all, not just those with dementia) across groups in Wimborne St Giles, Wimborne, Blandford, Shaftesbury, West Moors and Kingston Lacy.  She talks to Jenny about what happens on a Jolly Day, from yoga sessions to a guided walk. 
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