Lady Carnarvon and Dorset’s poisoned birds of prey | BV Podcast


Just click play above to listen. In politics this month, Mike Chapman, for the North Dorset Lib Dems, is looking at the innate risks involved when one party stays in power too long. Pat Osborne, for North Dorset Labour, discusses the need for a clear roadmap for change on climate action. And Ken Huggins from North Dorset Greens is calling ‘total greenwash tosh’ on the government.

The Countess of Carnarvon is our Random 19 guest this month – Jenny chatted to her about her latest book ‘The Earl and The Pharoah’ – exploring the fascinating life of the fifth Earl of Carnarvon, famous for the discovery of the tomb of the young Pharaoh, Tutankhamun.

Lastly, Terry spoke to journalist Andrew Livingston to hear more on his story about the numbers of birds of prey being posioned in Dorset, following the news that the RSPB say Dorset is one of the worst counties for raptor persecution.

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