JPL Telecom leap to lightning-fast broadband


Wessex Internet has revolutionised connectivity for JPL Telecom Ltd in Todber, near Marnhull, by providing a 100Mbps full fibre connection under Project Gigabit. This government initiative aims to extend gigabit-capable broadband to rural areas, enhancing digital access for communities previously limited by slower speeds.
JPL Telecom Ltd, specialising in telecom headsets, webcams, and video conferencing products since 2004, now enjoys improved operational efficiency and global connectivity. This upgrade is part of the £6 million Project Gigabit North Dorset contract awarded to Wessex Internet in 2022, targeting over 7,000 properties for high-speed internet access.
The enhanced connection supports JPL’s focus on innovation within the unified communications sector, allowing for uninterrupted video calls and seamless large file transfers, crucial for their business-to-business market in the UK, Europe, the USA, and beyond. Anna Dunning from JPL Telecom said, ‘We previously had many problems with only one or two people being able to be on a video call at a time. As video conferencing is what our business is about, it was embarrassing when calls would cut out. Our new connection has made a big difference; large files sent seamlessly, and video calls run simultaneously without interruption.’
Wessex Internet’s CEO, Hector Gibson Fleming, said: ‘Our primary focus is on delivering fast, reliable broadband to rural communities that may have been overlooked by other providers. As a local business embedded in the community, we take pride in contributing to the growth of fellow businesses across Dorset


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