Village turns out to cheer their European Champion Ruby Else-White!


Early in April, Stalbridge’s Olympic hopeful, 17-year-old Ruby Else White, travelled to Croatia for the EUBC Youth European Boxing Championships in Poreč. Fighting in the Under 48kg category, Ruby beat the French junior champion, Mathilda Fragnieres, in the final by RSC*. Reporting on the bout, the French Boxing Federation’s website FFboxe, commented ‘The young Frenchwoman was dominated by an excellent English boxer, undefeated and reigning European junior champion, who surprised her with her left hook and her speed of execution.’

Ruby White is crowned 3 x European Champion

Coming home to Dorset, a swift ‘meet-and-greet’ was organised so the village could show their pride and affection for the teenager who has grown up in their midst, and whose stepdad is the village butcher.

Crowds greet European Champion Ruby Else-White in Stalbridge. Image: Courtenay Hitchcock

As the crowd lined the pavement of Stalbridge’s High Street, they couldn’t help but chat about Ruby:

‘What an accomplishment. I remember when she was a little thing at Stalbridge Primary – and now look at her! Second in the world! What an amazing girl she is, she’s worked so hard,’ one Stalbridge resident was heard to say. Another agreed: ‘Its not easy, with all the distractions a teenager faces. What a moment for her! The whole village is so proud of what she’s achieved.’

‘She’s amazing,’ chimed in a third member of the waiting crowd. ‘To come from a little place like Stalbridge, and be second in the world, and that’s really something!

Ruby Else-White in Stalbridge. Image: Courtenay Hitchcock

Ruby walked up through the village with her mum, and hesitated when she saw so many people cheering and applauding – seemingly overwhelmed that so many had turned out to congratulate her on her win. Later, as she signed cards for well-wishers she said, ‘This is mad! It’s like I’m a celebrity!’

In an exclusive interview with The BV last month, coach Shaun Weeks had warned Ruby would find the European tournament tough: ‘She could be coming up against girls who are well into their 18th year,’ he said. ‘She could be giving away nearly two years to the oldest girls in her new age bracket.’

Ruby (left) in the final against Mathilda Fragnieres of France

Ruby is now ranked second in the world for her weight, and has been named Great Britain’s most hopeful Olympic athlete for 2028.

Julian Else with Ruby Else-White. Image: Courtenay Hitchcock

Julian Else, Ruby’s stepdad, couldn’t disguise his joy as he wrapped her in a hug.
‘We’re just all so, so proud of her!’ he told the BV. ‘It’s amazing to see everyone out, supporting her. She’s worked so hard, and most of what she does goes unseen, so to have everyone turn out like this, it’s amazing. We just couldn’t be more proud of her.’

‘I’m just so full of pride for her. I’m still not sure she realises just how good she is!’ added Hedi Else, Ruby’s mum. ‘My famous saying is “let’s see what happens” … and it keeps happening! Her focus is now on the Tri-Nations – if anyone will get in the ring with her! – and then it’s her dream, the Worlds in November.’

Ruby White with her family. Image: Courtenay Hitchcock

While letting Ruby enjoy her win, Shaun is also looking firmly to the big year ahead: ‘After the Tri-Nations, we have our eyes firmly fixed on the World Championships. We’re hoping Ruby will be boxing for a world title at the end of the year.’

Ruby Else-White Honours:
3 x MTK Lonsdale Box Cup Champion
5 x Western Counties Champion
National Cadet Champion
Bristol Box Cup Champion
Riviera Box Cup Champion
National Schools Champion
2 x National Junior Champion
2 x GB Tri-Nations Junior Champion
European Nations Cup Junior Champion
2 x Women’s Winter Box Cup Champion
National Youth Champion
4 x Golden Girls Box cup Champion
2 x European Junior Champion
1 x European Youth Champion

*Referee Stops Contest: if a boxer, in the referee’s opinion, is being outclassed or is receiving excessive punishment or hard blows, the bout is stopped and the opponent declared the winner of the bout by RSC.


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