A painter, a print maker and a sculptor walk into a barn …


Three artists are holding a joint exhibition at The Tithe Barn, Hinton St. Mary on 9th and 10th of December.
Amelia Hemmings is a printmaker who makes subtly coloured interiors and landscapes which accent a places spirit. These are often isolated spaces where the viewer fills Amelia’s pictorial spaces with their own ideas and imagination. Sometimes haunting and sometimes upbeat … see where your mood takes you.
George Irvine moves about the British Isles continuing to pursue the visceral moments which a shifting landscape can present. His work always starts on location where the contingency of the elements can be important in directing the painting’s outcome. In the studio George continues to work on the paintings where the emphasis is on formal questions. George’s paintings are figurative, yet he holds an attitude towards making which is excited by the abstract.
Arabella Brooke is a figurative sculptor who – like some of the greats in modern sculpture such as Giacometti, Moore and Hepworth – uses drawing as a form of enquiry into the three dimensional form. There is a wonderful balance between intense observation and a highly personal imagination. Her arrangements of the figures that interact with one another surprise and delight the viewer, and her sensitive handling of the modelling material can be painterly and playful – but these works are serious, and will move their audience.

  • Viewings 11am to 4pm each day by appointment through info@foxpitteventing


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