Antiques Road Trip in Sherborne, Robert Boyle and all the letters


The June BV Podcasts begin, as every month, with this month’s letter from the editor and all the latest reader’s letters. Next historian Roger Guttridge talks to Jenny about Stalbridge’s most famous resident, and Terry has a chat with local antiques dealer Craig Wharton about the time TV’s Antiques Road Trip came to town.

  • Letter from the Editor – Laura Hitchcock gladly welcomes June’s wooing ways, and celebrates being an overweight middle-aged mum kickboxer.
  • This month’s readers letters include some disgruntled locals unhappy at the coun cil mowing glorious verges during No Mow May
  • Local historian Roger Guttridge muses on Robert Boyle. The man who gave us Boyle’s Law was also Stalbridge’s Lord of the Manor and carried out his early experiments in North Dorset
  • Craig Wharton from Sherborne Antiques Market reveals that TV expert Paul Atterbury was the first of the market’s 38 dealers to sign up, and talks about how a recent episode of Antiques Road Trip featuring Catherine Southon was filmed in the Market. But on the day, Craig and his partner Philip had tickets for the opera, so they cleared the crew out by 6.30!
  • Finishing up with the politics round up, we hear from West Dorset MP Chris Loder, plus the current musings from the North Dorset represnetatives of Labour, LibDems and Green party. It’s worth noting that we have a strong ‘no-party-bashing’ rule for the politics columnists, which means they spend their time discussing pressing issues.


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