The farmer, the brewer and the coffin maker walk into a bar …


OK, they didn’t walk into a bar, but in this podcast episode, the farmer, the brewer and the coffin maker did chat to Terry and Jenny as they unearthed the intricacies of rural entrepreneurship and sustainable living. From the seasoned wisdom of a fifth-generation farmer to tales from a best-selling novelist, from artisanal craftsmanship of eco-friendly willow creations to the innovative journey of a homebrew hobbyist to a commercial success – these are the stories that weave the rich fabric of Dorset life. So pour yourself a mug of something warm, settle in, and let the authentic voices of Dorset accompany your day in this latest episode of our podcast – where every story is a thread in the tapestry of our county.

  • Tune into a candid conversation where soil meets soul, with fifth-generation local farmer James Cossins. Delve into the trials and triumphs of this year’s difficult harvest, and discover the world where the crunch of fresh produce and the rustle of golden fields meet business savvy and environmental stewardship. James opens up to Jenny about the delicate act of juggling profitability with passion for animal care and land conservation. It’s an enlightening insight that foodies, farmers, and eco-enthusiasts alike will not want to miss.
  • Brush shoulders with literary royalty as Victoria Hislop, the mind behind the international phenomenon The Island, reveals the muses and memories of her journey in literature as our Random 19 guest of the month. Jenny Devitt brings Victoria’s voice to life.
  • Crafting ales and reviving traditions with Eight Arches
    Raise a glass to the incredible story of Steve Farrell, the homebrew aficionado turned founder of the award-winning Eight Arches Brewery. From a 10-litre hobby to a 1,000-litre business, Steve tells Terry about his flavourful voyage bringing commercial brewing back to Wimborne.
    (featured image is Archie, the fostered cat who sleeps on the bar and is ‘even more grumpy than he looks!’)
    See the BV feature on Steve and Eight Arches Brewery here
  • Cath Abbott: Weaving Nature into Every Strand of Life
    Dicky Meadows is lovely to work with but Flanders Red is tricky, and the flecks in Harrisons Purple are lovely.
    Join Jenny as she weaves a conversation with Cath Abbott, the artisan who crafts life’s final journey with willow coffins and sails history with her viking burial ships. Listen as she shares how she grows her own willow, harvests local hazel and champions the revival of willow in everyday use through shopping baskets and trolleys at

Read the full October issue of the BV magazine here – jam-packed with incredible Dorset folks doing magnificent things. There’s also farming, equestrian, wildlife, food & drink… and if you like glorious photography you’ll be a fan. Did we mention it’s FREE?


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