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  • ‘I think I have lost my business. How do you recover from this?’ The Sherborne businesses devastated by flood | Page 4
  • From city chef to Dorset farmer – Julius Roberts is the Instagram sensation working to reconnect a modern audience with their food. He takes on the 19 Random questions | Page 20
  • If you took a magical mystery tour that began in Swinging Sixties London, went to the potteries in Stoke-on-Trent and to a specialist pottery shop in Stratford-upon-Avon, you wouldn’t expect to end up in Somerset’s hidden village of Shepton Beauchamp, at the home of Dennis Chinaworks and Sally Tuffin| Page 24
  • ‘Sad day for democracy’ as planners ignore neighbourhood plans and approve development on AONB, outside Blandford bypass | Page 6
  • Meet Dorset craftsmen Chris and Ed – internationally recognised as two of the world’s best under-40 leatherworkers | Page 50
  • Q&A with West Dorset MP Chris Loder. He offered to answer an open postbag – and here he has answered all the letters that were sent| Page 18
  • The case of the Spanish oranges: Andrew Livingston considers the UK’s freedom to roam and a misadventure involving oranges and an angry farmer for which he definitely wasn’t to blame | Page 91
  • Cllr Spencer Flower shares his journey from Gillingham council estate to the award-winning leadership of Dorset Council in his Dorset Island Discs | Page 56
  • The Dorset Mounties – Riding into the fight against rural crime. Andrew Livingston spoke to one of Dorset’s new rural mounted volunteers | Page 10


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