The Spring Countryside Show

What a great day we had at the Spring Countryside Show today – are you going tomorrow? There’s so much to see, but here’s our own highlights:

📍 The Sheep Show. Brilliantly entertaining whilst being oddly educational – seriously do NOT miss this show. Way more fun than one man and his sheep has any right to be.The Friars Moor Farm Yard, three shows through the day

📍 The Farrier. For those of us not fortunate enough to have a horse, it’s a fascinating chance to see the farrier skills up close, and Sam is great at explaining as he goes.In the Garden Village, three demos through the day

📍 The Falconry display. I never miss the opportunity to watch Mere Down Falconry, it’s always a brilliant show. Made even more entertaining today by an unrepentantly bolshy falcon refusing to come home – he simply buzzed the crowd with flashy fly-bys, showing off his skills. The Gritchie Brewing Company Rural Ring, two shows

📍 Heavy Horse Logging – amazing watching the team at work, and incredibly interesting to learn about the industry. Definitely worth stopping to watchThe Gritchie Brewing Company Rural Ring, two shows

📍 Jonathan Marshall’s Free Spirits Show – no one could walk past without stopping to watch the beauty of Jonathan’s Amadeus (yes, he’s the Lloyds Bank black horse) and Aria the falcon. Not the show you’re expecting.The Gritchie Brewing Company Rural Ring, two shows

📍 Terrier Racing – Hilarious! Think your dog has the speed? Enter them in the terrier racing (not just for terriers, we saw all sorts having a go) – it was just beautifully brilliant chaos. And the commentator is ace. Don’t miss it!The Gritchie Brewing Company Rural Ring, two shows

📍 ALL THE FOODS! Seriously. Cheese, gin, great burgers, hog roast, jams, chills, pancakes, doughnuts, sausage rolls, cakes, fudge… Go prepared.The show’s still on tomorrow (Sunday 24th May), and the weather’s set to be fine.

Why not head down, it’s a great day out: Gate Price is £12 per Adult & £1 per Child. Find it at the Turnpike Showground, Motcombe (between Shaftesbury & Gillingham), SP7 9PLGillingham & Shaftesbury Show

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