Gwyneth Wentink’s Dorset Island Discs, and Jane Adams talks lichen | BV podcast


We start the month, as always, with the Letters to the Editor, before listening to a Brecon Cathedral bellringer at Hazelbury Bryan Primary School. Jane Adams chats to Jenny about the fascinating (no, really!) world of lichen, and lastly we hear from International harpist Gwyneth Wentink.

In her letter this month, editor Laura is looking back to a specific shopping list she once saw on Twitter which has stayed in her head ever since. Following the letters to the editor, we move on to this episode’s features:

  • Hazelbury Bryan Primary School’s call to ‘make a noise’ against bullying was answered by a cathedral bellringer’s visit last month
  • Jane Adams delves into the peculiar world of lichen, revealing a vibrant, year-round splash of colour in the UK’s landscapes, even on the darkest days. She and Jenny take a fascinating walk through the secret world hiding in plain sight, used for centuries for firelighting, perfumes, clothes dye … and growing on slow-moving sloths.
  • She chose the harp over the recorder when she was five – and she talks about her life with her giant instrument as she chooses the discs she can’t live without. Gwyneth Wentink, internationally acclaimed harpist, selects her Dorset Island Discs


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