Local teenager’s event attracts 120 supercars worth £120,000 to £1.2m!


A student from Clayesmore School has surprised and captivated supercar owners with his creative meet-ups. Rachael Rowe reports
At his last event, 18 year old Zander attracted over 120 cars, with values between £120,000 and £1.2 million

Eighteen year old Zander Miller has been interested in supercars for a long time. “From a young
age, I watched Top Gear and then got fascinated by photography. Through my photographs of the
supercars, I developed a social media presence and got chatting with some of the owners. I have
spent the last year getting facts together and officially starting a company.”
Zander started with a meet up for supercar owners in November last year. “The first meet up was
for owners only and was a real eye-opener. Forty cars turned up, which was unusual as a lot get
put away for the winter. People started talking to each other about their cars, and it was a lovely day. Some of them hadn’t met each other before.”
I’m wondering how these supercar owners reacted when they found out who had organised the meet-up, as Zander is still at school. Zander smiles: “My dad took me to the first meet up and all these owners went up to him asking if he was Zander, so he said ‘no, I’m just the taxi driver! You want Zander – he’s over there!’.”

Zander Miller is finishing his final year at Clayesmore before heading to Bournemouth University to study Business Management

Bigger and better
The next meeting was a more significant event with more than 120 cars attending with values between £120,000 and £1.2 million. It was also opened up to the public with food stands available. Zander clearly knows how to attract the cars! “Some of my friends came, and they were impressed. One of my friends turned up with his dad, who has a supercar and he was amazed at the turnout.”

This classic Aston Martin looked at home amongst the Ferraris and Lamborghinis

The supercar owner
Most of the owners are happy to talk to people about their cars. One lets people sit in his Ferrari,
for example. “I have spoken to all the owners, either in person or online. My contacts portfolio is extraordinary. I have been able to talk to them about how they made their money to buy the cars, with a lot of people investing or making it through property. Although it is free to meet up at the moment, I’m looking at ways to develop the business.”
For those of us who associate a supercar with a certain type of individual in Central London, Zander is keen to dispel that myth. “There is a minority of people out there who are arrogant, but most people are very down to earth and happy to show their success.”

A colourful collection of McLarens at the last South Coast Supercar Club event in Bournemouth

Next steps for Zander
I’m interested in what Zander currently drives (I’m curious about the insurance premium). “A Skoda Citigo – I’d like a Lamborghini.”
And what do his parents think? “They’re really supportive, and they’re proud of me too. Mum and Dad came to both events.” So what are the next steps for Zander? “I’m off to Bournemouth University to study business management, and after uni who knows. I’ll also be looking at making my business succeed.”

Clayesmore have never worked with a student on a standalone event before, but when they realised the scale of the network Zander has built in the supercar world, they ‘jumped at the chance’ to collaborate with him on the Classic and Supercar Sunday

School support
Clayesmore has taken an interest in Zander’s entrepreneurship. The school is supporting him to host a Classic and Supercar Sunday event at Iwerne Minster in August. Already the event has attracted the interest of local companies like the Haynes Museum.
Headteacher Jo Thomson said: “We are very proud to celebrate Zander’s entrepreneurship and lend our support and stunning grounds to launch this inaugural Classic and Supercar Sunday event at Clayesmore.
“Working with a student on a stand-alone event is not something that’s happened at Clayesmore before, but when we realised the scale of the network Zander has built in the supercar world, we jumped at the chance to collaborate with him. He has a bright future ahead, and we hope he will come back in years to come and mentor other Clayesmore pupils. We can’t wait to welcome visitors to Clayesmore to see magnificent cars and soak up the atmosphere in our glorious grounds.”

The Classic and Supercar Sunday event is at Clayesmore School on 14 August.
For further information on the event, please contact the Clayesmore commercial team on 01747 813240 If you would like to exhibit your classic or super car, please register here: classicandsupercarsunday

By Rachael Rowe


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