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Clearing the Blackmore Vale magazine confusion. Again.

Over the last few months, there has been more than a little confusion locally around the existence of two ‘Blackmore Vale Magazine’. So we thought it would be a good time to clarify things – again.

We launched our digital magazine ‘The Blackmore Vale’ in August – going out monthly, we’re purely digital, and the only way to read our publication is digitally via our widely-shared links. It is not a website, it is a shareable interactive publication, you can download it and read it at your leisure, and all previous issues can be read here (or skip direct to the latest issue here).

the monthly digital Blackmore Vale magazine

The Blackmore Vale is owned and run by us, Laura & Courtenay, a couple from Sturminster Newton, living and raising our four children within the Vale, where we have lived and worked for almost thirty years

In September, Lloyd and Ruth Armishaw – who also own Armishaw’s Removals – launched a free physical printed newspaper ‘The New Blackmore Vale Magazine’. They make it also available to read on their own website.

Neither company has any connection with the original Blackmore Vale Magazine, which is still owned and trade marked by Reach PLC.

Neither company has anything to do with each other. We are not the same company, we do not share content, we are very different publications, we are entirely separate enterprises.

And to all the advertisers who were unfortunately under the impression they would appear in our digital publication having placed an advert in the paper edition; items in the paper edition will not appear in ours – you need to contact us direct on

If you were one of the many who wondering – we hope that clears things up. If you have any questions then please do feel free to contact us and we will of course be more than happy to discuss them with you.


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