The Random 19 with renowned milliner Cozmo Jenks


When Cozmo was a little girl her dream was to have the largest hat collection in the world. Today, she is recognised as one of Europe’s leading milliners, famed for her quirky updates on classic British hats and having designed pieces for a host of high profile clients, countless celebrities and many members of the Royal Family.

Cozmo Jenks as Random 19 guest for BV magazine in the Blackmore Vale

1. What’s your relationship with the Blackmore Vale (the loose North Dorset area, not us!)? 

My dad moved down here because of the hunting 30 years ago – chasing hedges! I then attempted to join too. After lots of port, I did finally get over those hedges! 

I’ve been living on the edge of the Vale for the past 14 years and can’t imagine living anywhere else. 

2. What was the last song you sang out loud in your car? 

Elton John, Tiny Dancer! But I’ll also sing the entire album start to finish of the original Les Mis soundtrack. I know every single word!

3. What was the last movie you watched? Would you recommend it? 

Dune. Totally wasn’t expecting to enjoy it, but I absolutely loved it. Desperate for them to make another. I was really very surprised at how much I enjoyed it.
It was amazing. 

4. It’s Friday night – you have the house to yourself, and no work is allowed. What are you going to do? 

Honestly? Marijuana and a box set!! 

But if that’s not allowed, then feel free to say it’s a box of Bendicks Bittermints, good friends and a movie… (Ed whistles innocently)

5. Who’s your celebrity crush?

I fancy loads of people on the TV because that’s all I have to fancy (pause while the editor tunes her violin…) (I didn’t write that – Ed)
Henry Cavill (Superman), George Clooney, Jamie Dornan… 

Cozmo’s handsome trio of current celeb crushes: Henry Cavill, Ceorge Clooney & Jamie Dornan

6. What would you like to tell 15yr old you? 

Have fun. Be kind. Tell the truth. 

7. What’s your comfort meal?

Big chunky fish fingers and veg. Hellmann’s mayo (has to be Hellmann’s) and sriracha (hot sauce made from a paste of chili peppers, distilled vinegar, garlic, sugar, and salt) are essential additions. 

8. The best crisps flavour? 

Originally Walkers smoky bacon (Andy Palmer will no doubt be cheering the first ‘correct’ answer in two years – Ed) but nowadays I love salt and vinegar Squares and PomBears mixed up together in the bag!
(*makes note to try this at first available opportunity* – Ed)

9. And the best biscuit for dunking? 

I won’t dunk. Ever.
And if I found out Henry Cavill dunked, then he’d be straight off my crush list!

10. What book did you read last year that stayed with you? 

Worldbridger by Juliet Carter. Totally mind blowing and eye opening. A few weeks after finishing it, I wandered randomly into a shop with a friend and saw the book on display. I got chatting to the guy behind the desk and found out the shop was owned by the author!

I’m now completely obsessed with their shop Portal in Glastonbury and buy a lot of things from them. 

11. What’s your secret superpower? 

My psychic powers. Which I’m lucky enough to have harnessed, and now practice and teach energy work thanks to the amazing Louise Mita (

12. A penguin just walked in the door wearing a panama hat. Why is he here?

To get a new hat obviously. I AM a milliner!

13. Your favourite quote? Movie, book or inspirational – we won’t judge. 

‘Fit in or f**k off!’
Because it’s completely true – it’s how I run my house!

Cozmo and four of her six dogs: Two labradors, Hamish and Betty; two terriers, Cabbage and Maud; and two whippets, father and son George and Wilfred

14. Cats or Dogs?

Dogs, obviously. I’ve got six, about to be seven! Two labradors, Hamish and Betty; two terriers, Cabbage and Maud; two whippets, soon to be three, father and two sons, George, Wilfred and waiting for Frank to be old enough to come and live with me. 

15. Chip Shop Chips or Home Baked Cake? 

A home baked classic Victoria sponge with fresh cream and strawberry jam wins every time.

16. What shop can you not pass without going in? 

Harts of Stur. And I have to go and buy something from Alistair at Holebrooks butchers and deli in Sturminster Newton because he sells the best meat ever! Any time I celebrate anything I’ll get a big fillet from Al.

17. What’s your most annoying trait?

(Burping and farting)

18. What in life is frankly a mystery to you? 

The desire for drama in people’s personal lives. Why people want to make drama and thrive off it is a complete mystery to me. 

19. You have the power to pass one law tomorrow, uncontested. What would you do? 

Legalise cannabis. It’s a total wonder plant.


  1. I’m nor shure if anyone can help me, but I would like to get in touch with Cozmo Jenks. I belong to acomputer group of horse women that
    have been together for over 20 years. We have lost touch with one of our members, Linda Andrews. I know that Linda know Cozmo
    well, We live in Virginia, USA. Linda has visited us, and our Daughter, Virginia Blackmer and Granddaughter. Britny Blackmer have
    stayed with Linda when she lived in Dorset. They met “Millie” at that time.

    If anyone has any information on how or where Linda is, please get in touch with me, Dianna Blackmer, at

    Thank you.

    Dianna B.


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