The power of win-win partnerships


In a modern business environment, partnerships between businesses can enhance reach, brand recognition, and community presence.
Thorngrove Garden Centre, the retail arm of Employ My Ability who provide unique opportunities for young people with special educational needs, approached Abbey 104, Sherborne’s community radio station, to sponsor BV Magazine’s new radio show. It’s a partnership that has significant benefits for local businesses working together.
For Abbey 104, repurposing The BV podcast provided an opportunity to expand content offerings and engage a broader audience, but funding was crucial. Thorngrove, already The BV’s Out Of Doors partner, were looking to explore local radio as a marketing avenue.
By sponsoring the podcast, Thorngrove gains exposure to Abbey 104’s listeners, many of whom are likely gardening enthusiasts, connecting with potential customers. In return, Abbey 104 receives the financial support needed to produce high-quality content.
For The BV, the partnership ensures a wider audience reach, enhancing the magazine’s brand and community influence. The podcast serves as a platform to discuss relevant topics, share local news, and promote businesses.
Local business partnerships create a ripple effect, strengthening the local economy and fostering community. When businesses support each other, they boost their success and contribute to the market’s vibrancy.
The partnership shows the benefits of local business collaborations. By leveraging each other’s strengths and working towards common goals, businesses achieve greater success and make a positive community impact.


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