Folly Round | 9.3 miles


One of our all time favourite walks, this is a day hike we return to again and again. There are probably better titles for a walk with such great views and varied landcsapes, but when we’re deciding where to go, the conversation will usually go:
‘Folly Round?’ *questioningly raised eyebrow*
‘Sure. I’ll pack some sandwiches.’

And Folly Round it has remained for all the years we’ve been walking it.
There’s easy parking in a small roadside layby at Folly, then it’s almost all Dorset National Landscape on a circular route out to Mappowder and back up and over the always-magnificent Dorsetshire Gap.

Despite using some of the Wessex Ridgeway and passing across the spectacular Dorsetshire Gap, it’s still rare to meet many people on the route. The views are worth the stiff huff up the hills, we promise!

One word of warning – in the winter months it can be a little tough going with the chalky mud. However, on an early summer’s day? I defy anyone to find a more beautiful walk in Dorset.
NB – Do follow the route outlined, not the actual footpath: in a couple of places the path has been moved, or is impassable and we had to find a workaround. Most notably, the bridleway through the copse at Noake Farm simply doesn’t exist anymore, as far as we can tell – instead you need to enter the field and walk up the hill in front of you to the gate at the top, and then back down the other side to rejoin the route. From there you enter a green lane which in summer is usually shoulder high in nettles – instead of whacking your way through sting alley, simply use the gateway to enter the field on your left, and continue on the outside of the hedge to rejoin the path further along.


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