A dog kills a lamb – should the farmer display it to walkers?


Laura & Courtenay Hitchcock award ceremony

In the first of the April BV podcasts (just hit the PLAY button above to listen), we of course start with all the letters – including editor Laura’s exciting news.
Then, in his monthly round up, Chris Loder MP takes a look at how rural Dorset will gain from the latest NHS dentistry reforms, and the latest record funding of £408,022 for Adult Social Care reforms in the county.

For the Green Party, Ken Huggins takes a sideways look at the blurred lines between party funding and policy making, offering an alternative to those disillusioned by their usual voting.
Gary Jackson of North Dorset Labour says when you look at the water companies, it’s double the sewage, and triple the stink. And Gerald Davies of the LibDems looks at how Dorset Council’s housing policies are failing local people.

In the April issue, Andrew Livingston reported on one Sturminster Newton farmer’s dramatic response to a lamb’s death by dog attack. It fuelled a viral online debate – and a call for prosecution

lamb killed by sheep worrying in Dorset
Jules Bradburn Dorset markets

Lastly, Jennie chats to Jules Bradburn – circuit judge, event organiser and whose market empire expands to Dorchester this month as it becomes the latest Dorset town to benefit from a new 200-stall monthly artisan market.

April’s BV is OUT NOW … grab a coffee and jump in to this month’s Dorset-ness. News, opinion, people, wildlife, art, farming, what’s on, SO many horses … and frankly stunning photography. Did I mention it’s FREE? Why *wouldn’t* you want a flick through? You can click here https://bvmag.co.uk/Apr24  to dive straight in. Frankly, it’s so jam-packed with Dorset goodness, it’d be rude not to.

The BV is the ‘glossy’ monthly digital magazine from Dorset, shortlisted in the 2024 Newspaper & Magazine Awards for ‘Best Regional Publication in the UK’.

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  1. The last winter I kept sheep, I lost ten percent of lambs to fox attacks. In most cases they were just killed and left like the one in the picture. Later I found that a person attracted them to the area with food. I have several such photos. Some with the mother looking on, having just found her dead lamb. I worked in the butchering industry from an early age and thought nothing about seeing an animal killed . I would comment that if it upsets you looking at such a photo why do you eat meat. Some years ago I realised that there is no humane way of killing an animal and I gave up eating meat. Even having a dog put to sleep can go wrong, as I found out to my great and lasting sadness.


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