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One in three of us yearns to throw in the day job and set up on our own. In this month’s Letter from the Editor, Laura mulls over the realities of running your own business – who on earth would actually do it, and why do they love it? 
The reader’s letters are rather dominated by the reaction to the suspension of the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt story the BV ran last month.

In politics, Simon Hoare MP’s varied March musings include championing British farming, lambing season, community advocacy and Government collaboration. Ken Huggins writes for the Green Party, and is calling for us all to protest, protest and again protest. Gary Jackson, the North Dorset Lib Dems candidate, is calling on the government to act with prudence, and urges it to do no more harm. And in his final column for the BV, Pat Osborne of North Dorset Labour is keen to point out that the county’s much-vaunted new second home tax is a pointless cash cow policy.

Lucy Nolan, Dorset’s only Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor (APGI), chats to Jenny about her work and the dogs she helps. It’s not about training gundogs for work – there’s a huge rise in working dogs being kept as pets, and as Lucy points out ‘With working breeds you must give them a job, otherwise they go self-employed!’
• Lucy runs Adhara Dog Training –


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