March issue out now :)


Inside this issue you will find good people, good dogs, good horses, good motorbikes, good books (and good booky people) … as well as one foal with the zoomies (to be honest, he may or may not be good, it’s under review).
Quite frankly, it’s so jam-packed with Dorset goodness, it’s be rude not to.

PS – at the very least click on that cover to appreciate the stunning geese properly. And then go have a look at the letters page, stop by the foals, swing to the reader’s photography, and then go back to the top stories at the front. That’s how I’d start my day, anyway. L

Inside the March issue of the BV magazine:

• Guy Deacon from Sherborne has completed an 18,000 mile solo journey to Cape Town – while living with stage 3 Parkinson’s Disease | Page 4

 One in three of us dreams of throwing in the day job – editor Laura spoke to three award-winnning local business owners who did just that | Page 32

• Equestrian’s BACK! And it returns with plenty of foal foolishness (I sense this won’t be the last we see of this bonkers boy Gawler) Page 86

• Lucy Nolan turned her love of gundogs into a business – now she runs Adhara dog training, Dorset’s only Accredited Pet Gundog Instructor | Page 28

• Wildlife writer Jane Adams introduces us to the littlest fox in the garden | Page 92

•Plus there’s pages of brilliant community news, 12 pages of What’s On’s, more wildlife, farming, art, food & drink … and I’ll not bang on again about the BRILLIANT reader’s photography (page 100)

The BV – every month we’re jam-packed with Dorset goodness. News, opinion, people, farming, wildlife … and frankly stunning photography. And it’s FREE. Why wouldn’t you want a flick through?


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