Letters, cold swims and Polecats | BV Podcast


The first of this month’s podcasts has, of course, all the letters and politics. Experience the unique camaraderie of cold water swimming in one of England’s highest (and coldest!) towns, and unravel the mystery of polecats with wildlife expert Jane Adams.

  • Editor Laura reflects on the little pieces of ourselves we unknowingly leave with other people, from helpful motivation quotes to the embarassing little stories we would actually prefer to die away!
  • In politics, Simon Hoare MP unwraps the intricate issues of security. Ken Huggins of North Dorset Greens is hunting for some honesty in our politicians, and Gary Jackson of the North Dorset LibDems is calling for more help for the nation’s league of ‘unseen, unsung’ carers.
  • As one of the highest towns in England, standing at 750 feet above sea level, Shaftesbury is known as one of the coldest places in North Dorset. Join Terry as he braves the chill with Harriet Green at Shaftesbury Lido, uncovering the exhilarating world of ice miles and the invigorating spirit of open-air pools.
  • Polecats have quietly been making a secretive but fragrant return – Jenny learns all about the elusive bandits from wildlife writer Jane Adams. Are the little predatory ‘foulmart’s dangerous? And how do we tell the difference between them and stoats?


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