February’s BV Magazine is right here 🙂


I think we are all currently congratulating ourselves for actually, really, finally making it out of January *high five* WHY was it soooo long? Christmas was about two months ago now, yes?

Anyhoo, the February issue has turned into a bit of a corker. There is a LOT going on. If you’re not already suitably equipped, why don’t you go make yourself a cup of tea first? It’s OK, we can wait … you may be here a while.

In this issue:

• The Blackmore & Sparkford Vale Hunt have been suspended after drone footage shows a fox being killed. We’ve spoken to both sides, and have a balanced look at the issue | Page 4

• Award-winning writer Sam Peters looks for a game-changing playbook with ex-All Black Jerome Kaino’s rugby clinic at Clayesmore as they work to make the game safer for everyone| Page 34

• In his Farm Tales column, Andrew Livingston shares a streak of Dorset daring rescues – but points out there’s a thin line between humourous mishaps and farming tragedies | Page 56

• Dorset’s leisure centres and recreation grounds at risk – as local communities fight to save their facilities, Rachael Rowe highlights the clash between budget cuts and public health priorities | Page 8

• The Ice Milers of Shaftesbury Lido – it might be actually freezing, but the open air pool has transformed into a hub of cold water swimming camaraderie | Page 20

• A grassroots revolt against The Jockey Club’s closure decision has created a ‘Kitchen Cabinet’ which is breathing new life into Wincanton Golf Course – and has earned them a reprieve | Page 22

Polecats have quietly been making a secretive but fragrant return, says wildlife writer Jane Adams. So why aren’t we all shouting about them like we do the otters? | Page 64

•Plus there’s pages of brilliant community news, 12 pages of What’s On’s, more wildlife, farming, art, food & drink … and I’ll not bang on again about the BRILLIANT reader’s photography (page 100)

The BV – every month we’re jam-packed with Dorset goodness. News, opinion, people, farming, wildlife … and frankly stunning photography. And it’s FREE. Why wouldn’t you want a flick through?

(if you’re staying tucked up against the weather and have some time to fill, you can see all the back issues here. Or if you really should be getting on, why not have a listen to the podcast while you do that thing you should be doing?)


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