Letters, and the case for (and against) Bonham Forest | BV Podcast


In the first of 2024’s BV podcast we have all the January letters and politics, and Jenny talks to Fanny Charles about the planned creation of the new Bonham Forest near Stourhead – and the furore it has created locally.

  • Editor Laura Hitchock is looking for reasons to be cheerful during the longest month of the year
  • The Reader’s Letters this month include some wonderful memories of Iwerne Minster, triggered by last month’s vintage postcard which happened to show the very house the writer had grown up in, back when the village had a whole range of shops and enjoyed hourly double-decker buses (You can see the original postcard – from the Barry Cuff Collection – including the message on the back here).
  • Simon Hoare MP is sharing a little spring optimism and his hopes for what this new year might bring
  • Ken Huggins of the North Dorset Green Party uses a very personal recent experience to look at the need to invest in the NHS
  • Gary Jackson of the North Dorset LibDems is looking forward with optimism, and hopes of a General Election bringing a fair change
  • North Dorset Labour’s Pat Osborne talks about the need for Britain to become energy-independent
  • And Jenny sits down with Fanny Charles to look at the pros and cons of the new Bonham Forest plan at Stourhead, which is causing major ripples in the local community.

You can read the full January 24 issue of the BV magazine here – jam-packed with incredible Dorset folks doing magnificent things. There’s also farming, wildlife, a huge Dorset food & drink section… and if you like glorious photography you’ll be a fan. Did we mention it’s FREE?


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