January’s BV Magazine – read it here 🙂


Welcome to the 41st issue of The BV magazine – and the first of 2024! Come on in, it’s nice and warm in here.

(maybe go and make yourself a mug of tea or coffee first. And grab a couple of biscuits while you’re there.)

Inside this issue:

  • A forestry plan on farmland near Stourhead is proving contentious with the local community – Fanny Charles heard from both sides as she takes a deep dive into the issue | Page 4
  • Great women artists in Dorset. A major new exhibition at Dorset Museum explores the life and work of the world-famous sculptor who lived on Bulbarrow for nearly 20 years, and a new touring exhibition of the early work of an international feminist icon comes to Poole Lighthouse | Page 72
  • Steve Keenan met Christopher Somerville to talk about his 35-year journey chronicling Britain’s footpaths for The Times and The Telegraph | Page 12
  • Not bootiful at all. Andrew Livingston is still furious about a recent Channel 4 documentary exposing the concerning food safety and standards at a Bernard Matthews’ factory. And even more furious we’re not all talking about it | Page 91
  • Robert Cowley, MBE – magistrate, volunteer, actor, passionate campaigner … and plumber – selects his Dorset Island Discs | Page 34

The BV – every month we’re jam-packed with Dorset goodness. News, opinion, people, farming, wildlife … and frankly stunning photography. And it’s FREE. Why wouldn’t you want a flick through?

(if you’re staying snugged up against the cold and have some time to fill, you can see all the back issues here. Or if you really should be getting on, why not have a listen to the podcast while you do that thing you should be doing?)


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