The BV’s Dorset Christmas Quiz 2023


1 – Is Dorset Blue Vinny
a) Sparkling wine made with the water of the Blue Pool
b) Traditional Dorset recipe for blueberry compote
c) Veined cheese made from an ancient and secret recipe

2 – What is Wasabi?
a) William Barnes’ question about the provenance of a dumbledore
b) Japanese horseradish, exclusively grown in the UK in Dorset
c) The ancient Japanese art of folding the roots of plants

3 – What is a Poll Dorset?
a) The county’s traditional version of a Maypole, originally made from wooden spars from the wrecked boats of the Spanish Armada (1588)
b) A native breed sheep
c) The confusion that locally surrounds a General Election, where Dorset residents question why we vote for people whose bosses don’t care about the area outside the M25

4 – Who coined the phrase ‘The Vale of the Little Dairies’?
a) Recent environment minister George Eustice
b) Thomas Hardy
c) The manufacturers of face coverings made from milk and calf hide

5 – Where is the Guild of Fine Food based?
a) Gillingham in Dorset
b) Jamie Oliver’s HQ
c) Lyon in France

6 – What was the Roman name for Dorchester?
a) Drome
b) Wessixii
c) Durnovaria

7 – What is a farmer’s market?
a) A place where farmers go to find new staff
b) A place to buy livestock
c) A chance for local producers to meet potential customers and sell their wares

8 – Where are Dorset Cereals made?
a) At Poundbury
b) In Poole
c) In Poland

9 – What is a Dorset Naga?
a) Dorset farmer’s wife when he comes in without taking his boots off. Again.
b) Once the world’s hottest chilli pepper, developed in Dorset at 1.5 million Scovilles
c) Famous racehorse bred in the Piddle Valley

10 – What are Dorset Knobs?
a) The famously tough local rugby team
b) Sari Smith on a day trip south
c) Small round high-baked biscuits for eating with cheese

11 – Who were the Dorset Clubmen?
a) The county’s first Mini appreciation society
b) The original name for Dorset County Cricket Club
c) Local civil war militia protecting the rural communities from both Cavaliers and Roundheads

12 – How is Black Cow Vodka sourced?
a) By painstakingly following every black Dorset cow as it goes about its business
b) From the left ears of Russian cattle of a dusky disposition
c) From pure Dorset milk

13 – Where was that Hovis advert actually filmed?
a) Haworth, Yorkshire
b) Gold Hill, Shaftesbury
c) Pinewood Studios, London

14 – What is Slack Ma Gurdle?
a) An instruction from a wealthy Alabama heiress to her servant.
b) A Dorset apple
c) A dance step discovered by Tim Laycock in a sheaf of musical memorabilia, hidden under the stag on the roadside arch at the Charborough home of MP Richard Grosvenor Plunkett-Ernle-Erle-Drax.

15 – What is Ironed Maiden?
a) The best domestic services company in Sherborne
b) The best Iron Maiden tribute band in Europe, with lead guitar from Luke Rake, the principal of Kingston Maurward College.
c) A Dorset witch, having undergone the local medieval method of hot torture.

16 – What is a baking bird?
a) Upwey baker Lizzie Crow
b) A ceramic blackbird used to stop soggy pastry descending into the depths of a pie.
c) The Dorset version of a Stargazy Pie, in which murmurations of starlings are netted and baked to prevent further disturbances in the pristine skies over Portland (in other areas, their place in the pie is taken by rabbits, often accompanied by a popular song from Flanagan and Allen).

17 – What is Hod Hill?
a) Where Dorset bricklayers are said to go when they retire
b) The largest hillfort in Dorset
c) Victorian slang for the pile of coal when the coal man’s been.

18 – What was Durdle Door originally called?
a) Duddledoor
b) Durdle-rock Door
c) Dirdale Door


1C | 2B | 3B | 4B | 5A | 6C | 7C | 8C | 9B | 10 C | 11C | 12C | 13B | 14B | 15B | 16A | 17B | 18 all of the above!


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