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It’s December and that means Christmas is nearly here! This month I thought I’d talk a little bit about handmade gifts for Christmas.
It’s not just a time of giving – it’s all about spending time with friends and family. One thing that many people really like to do (and to receive) is to hand-make a few special gifts or decorations each Christmas. Another option is making Christmas cards to give to friends or relatives.

Gift in a jar
One of the best and easiest handmade gifts is one of the many in-a-jar ideas – cookie mix in-a-jar or Hot Chocolate in-a-jar. These can usually be made from grocery store items very quickly and easily, and are endlessly adaptable – there are some great in-a-jar gift ideas on to get you started!

Make some decorations
There are a lot of handmade Christmas decor ideas online you can easily make. Here are a couple of my favourites:

  • simple paper snowflakes are not only a really fun craft for all ages – if you make a lot of them and hang them for the ceiling from cotton they can be really effective. Just think what Buddy does in Elf!
  • Christmas tree snow jar
  • Gold painted glass ornaments

Why not make a new wreath for your door this year? They also make beautiful and personal gifts. There are lots of great ideas here or check your local garden centre to see if they have a wreath-making workshop you can take.

Handmade cards
Making Christmas cards at home isn’t hard to do, and there is so much inspiration online for simple cards using simple supplies. You can get the kids involved as well!
There is a great list of ideas here for Christmas cards to make with kids. And try this Cosmo DIY card ideas round up for more sophisticated, but still uncomplicated card ideas.
I hope you enjoy looking at this article and wish you a Merry Christmas. Maddie

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