Find Your festive bird locally with NFU’s Turkey Finder


Embrace a locally-sourced Christmas with the NFU’s push for British turkeys, offering a sustainable and economical choice amidst the cost of living crisis

As Christmas speeds towards us, we’re being encouraged to ‘buy British, buy local, and buy whole’ for the very best value when selecting your festive turkey.
The 17th of November heralded the NFU’s very first Buy My Turkey Day’, a day when turkey farmers across the UK showed off their farm fresh turkeys on social media. It was fun, but it was also a clarion call for consumers to consider the roots of their festive feast, urging them to use the NFU’s online Turkey Finder to purchase directly from the UK’s turkey farmer. By sourcing a turkey from your local producer, you’ll be getting a high-quality bird which has been raised to world-leading standards, at the same time as cutting your own food miles and supporting the rural economy.
Jonathan Smith, the chair of the NFU turkey group, says: ‘Turkey is a fantastic choice for Christmas dinner, providing a delicious and nutritious meal to share with the whole family. By buying a British turkey directly from the farm where it has been produced, you will not only be backing British farming, but also helping a local business.
‘We know that everyone is being affected by the cost of living crisis, which is why we are encouraging shoppers to buy a whole bird as it represents the best value for money. The versatility of turkey meat means that once you’ve enjoyed your Christmas dinner, there are plenty of healthy, tasty dishes you can try with any leftovers to make sure there is no waste and that all the fantastic meat is put to good use.
‘Shoppers can use the NFU Turkey Finder to quickly locate their nearest producer and buy a turkey direct from the farm where it was reared. If you’re buying a turkey from your local butcher, ask them if it’s British and which farm it’s been sourced from.’
We hope that a delicious British turkey will take pride of place on your festive table this Christmas!


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