The drive to a cashless society, Cllr Flower’s story, and the birth of a market


In this episode Terry gets to grips with some of the biggest issues currently pressing Chris Loder MP, Cllr Spencer Flower shares the music which is his memorial to his daughter, Penny Nagle talks to Jenny about a new producers market and Terry discovers the story behind award-winning Orris Leather in Wimborne.

Cllr Spencer Flower shares his life’s journey from a boy to a single mum on a Gillingham council estate to becoming the leader in charge of a £348m budget for Dorset Council as he chooses the music he can’t live without in Dorset Island Discs

In the second part of his interview, Terry talks to West Dorset MP Chris Loder about topics as diverse as the current state of government, the relentless drive to a cashless society and speed cameras on the A30.

Penny Nagle, well known for her Feltham’s Farm cheese, talks to Jenny about the new Horsington monthly market which is her brainchild, where local growers and producers are celebrating homegrown produce, promoting sustainability and fostering a real sense of community.

Dorset craftsmen Ed Waldron and Chris Holbrook have been internationally recognised as two of the world’s best under-40 leatherworkers – but it all sorted as a bit of a hobby.


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