Clare Balding and our dog-loving nation


We have a treat in store for you in December – especially if you like dogs, know someone who likes dogs and needs a Christmas present, or if you’re just a fan of Clare Balding!
We are lucky enough to be able to welcoming bestselling author, dog lover and official national treasure Clare Balding to Sherborne as she talks about her latest book Isle of Dogs – and shares her love for our favourite family pet in an adventure across Britain.
National stories are often told through our politics or our monarchy – but this is a tale of how Britain is shaped by its dogs. Clare Balding has always been fascinated by the impact dogs have on our lives and the way they have shaped Britain across the centuries. She explores the characteristics of our favourite breeds, why we’re drawn to them and what they bring out in us, from how we work to how we live.
In this journey across the nation, Clare looks at the many roles dogs fulfil and the history of how they became such an intrinsic part of our lives. From the mysteries of extinct breeds to the ancient dogs still thriving today, she journeys from Battersea to the Orkney Islands via Buckingham Palace, in a moving and humorous tale of loyalty and partnership.
She discovers how people care for and train dogs that are as large as a pony or small enough to fit in a handbag, meets British businesses inspired by dogs, and considers why certain breeds have soared in popularity. She also explores our long canine history, rediscovering long-lost working breeds and investigating why it was that our relationship with dogs changed during Queen Victoria’s reign.

Join us to celebrate the launch of Clare Balding’s new book – Isle of Dogs: A canine adventure through Britain

Tuesday, 5th December 6.30pm for 7pm at Cheap St Church, Sherborne
Tickets £5, available online here


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