Lock and roll – the locksmiths who’ve gone keyless


For nearly six decades, the familiar sight of Reynolds & Son stood as a steadfast presence on Shaftesbury’s bustling High Street, offering its reliable shoe repair services. The shop’s signage still sits over the entrance, and the interior continues to echo with shoe repairs expertly undertaken. However, Reynolds & Son has evolved over the past decade into 3 County Locksmiths, another cherished local family business.
The craftsmanship and service remains intact as they continue to provide on-site shoe repair services. Yet, their primary focus, and the facet of their business that has seen remarkable growth, lies in the realm of locksmithing and precision key cutting.
In a progressive move, 3 County Locksmiths recently made a substantial investment in more than £10,000 of state-of-the-art machinery, advanced tooling, and cutting-edge software. This significant upgrade equips them to program remote key fobs, vital with today’s keyless ignition systems. Some raise concerns about the security of these advanced capabilities. Manager Archie McCarthy is quick to assurecustomers, ‘Should someone break in and steal the machine, there’s no record of previously cut keys stored within it. So, there’s no possibility of anyone duplicating keys and helping themselves to your vehicle.’
3 County Locksmiths offers a range of services, including engraving work, and they are well-versed in household locksmithing, including barrel, five-lever sash and dead locks.
Some keys can prove challenging to replace, Archie McCarthy says: ‘There are some, particularly the very old ones. Occasionally, we encounter keys for locks that are so old that obtaining blanks is impossible. Then we have to look at lock replacement or, in certain instances, attempt to handcraft a custom key to meet the situation.’
With adaptability, craftsmanship and good old fashioned service, 3 County Locksmiths continue in the spirit of Reynolds & Sons, blending tradition with cutting edge modern solutions to be your first port of call for all your locksmithing needs.



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