Hambledons: Dorset’s hedge cutting specialists



Last year Charlie Saunders launched a premium hedge cutting service, promising ‘your hedges and fencing, perfected’ – it was an instant success

When it comes to specialised hedge cutting services in Dorset, Charlie Saunders stands a cut above the rest. While many gardeners and tree surgeons will tackle hedge-related jobs, it’s not their primary focus.
Enter Hambledons. Born out of Charlie’s vision to fill the niche, Hambledons dedicates itself exclusively to hedge cutting – boasting not only top-tier equipment but also a passion that shines through in every trim and snip.
In just a year, Hambledons has experienced exponential growth, illustrating the soaring demand for hedge expertise. This isn’t merely about cutting unruly hedges; it’s about providing the best in the business. Quick, efficient, professional, and priced just right – that’s the Hambledons promise.

Beyond hedge cutting, their comprehensive range of services also extends to fencing solutions. Whether you are looking for a standard wooden garden panel, for sustainable recycled plastic fencing, or if you have specific needs in specialised agricultural and equestrian barriers, they’ve got you covered.
Affiliated with the Dorset Council’s Trading Standards Approved scheme, Charlie’s commitment to excellence is evident. Your hedges and fencing are in expert hands.
Ready for a transformation?
Reach out to Hambledons on 01258 721552 for a no-obligation quote and a conversation about your needs.


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