Letters, Roger G and Dorset Island Discs with Helen Ottaway


In the first of September 23’s episodes of the BV podcast we have the letters and politics, the obituary of our writer, columnist and friend Roger Guttridge, and Jenny interviewed composer Helen Ottaway to discover her Dorset Island Discs.

  • Letters (from and to) the editor
  • In politics, Chris Loder, MP for West Dorset, discusses the fact that the declining use of cash particularly affects the elderly and rural dwellers. Ken Huggins of the Greens agrees that he, too, hates wind turbines. But that that’s not the point! And Mike Chapman of the Lib Dems has been at two big rural shows recently – and despite a very different audience at each, there were some strong common themes being discussed.
  • In this month’s Dorset Island Discs, Jenny spent sime time chatting to composer Helen Ottaway. From folk to installation art, you can hear Helen talking about her multi-dimensional journey in music as she chooses the discs she can’t live without as an island castaway
  • We have the obituary of our writer, columnist and dear freind Roger Guttridge, who passed away this month. Most BV readers will know him well from his terrific local history columns, and possibly remmeber him as a local journalist – but did you know he was also a Team GB reporter who covered three Olympics, and was press officer for the Great Britain Swim Team?


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