Celebrating North Dorset’s best


The G&S honours North Dorset’s vibrant sectors in a showcase of tradition, innovation, and community says MP Simon Hoare

Simon Hoare MP

The Gillingham & Shaftesbury Show is an always an annual showcase of all that is good and impressive from across North Dorset. It is, of course, primarily an agricultural show – allowing our fantastic local farmers to come together and to show off their livestock to visitors (and each other!). Farming and the wider food sector is so important to our North Dorset economy, of course, but also, much of our landscape depends upon farmers and landowners. I want to salute them for going out in all winds and weathers to feed us and maintain our environment.
When food security and supply chains are at the forefront of so many debates, if we ever needed to be reminded of the importance of maximising sustainable UK food production, the time is undoubtedly now.
But the G&S is, of course, not just an agricultural show. It provides a platform for many local businesses, allowing them to exhibit their entrepreneurial flair and innovation.
Their importance locally is not just in job creation – they play a vital role in the mosaic of “North Dorset PLC”.
The show is also a fantastic opportunity for so many of our local charities and voluntary sector organisations to explain what they do, raise much-needed funds and hopefully secure some new volunteers or helpers along the way. The immense skill of the local craft and cottage industries at the show provide us an important link to our collective roots.

Volunteer Trimmy at the G&S showground

Old and new
I believe that these groups illustrate the strengths and the character of our beautiful part of Dorset; the vibrant and future-focused farming sector, the real community of people looking out for others through our voluntary sector, the fact we are an ancient area where craft and tradition are still valued … but also that we are a forward-looking county, sustaining our economy and creating livelihoods for our people.
I want to wish everyone a fantastic show – whether exhibitor, farmer, business, or simply ready for a fun day out.
The G&S is a wonderful event – I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Have a wonderful two days!


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