A stoat is stoatally different, a farming crossroads and the tale of Gold Hill


In the second of August’s podcasts – still in the new longer format which has proved popular – Jennie talks to both Jane Adams and owner of Little Waddon Vineyard Simon Priestman

  • ‘A weasel is weasily identifiable, whereas a stoat is stoatally different’. Jennie talks to widlife expert Jane Adamas about the stoat – its mesmerising effect, how to spot it and why Dorset may be a perfect home for the mysterious little creature
  • Former Royal Navy officer Chris Taylor has lived a career in the skies The acclaimed civil certification test pilot explains the unique skill set required for the job
  • Is farming at a crossroads? Andrew Livingston looks at the unfair struggle between agriculture and supermarkets
  • After 40 years in the TV industry, Simon and Karen Priestman bought a boutique vineyard on the Dorset coast – and promptly created an award-winning wine
  • Crumbs! It’s 50 years  since that Hovis ad. Exactly half a century after an iconic Hovis commercial hit our TV screens, Roger Guttridge takes a stroll through the story of Dorset’s most famous street


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