Wessex Internet and Nokia partnership


Dorset’s own Wessex Internet is forging ahead with a fresh partnership with Nokia for innovative network technology. The collaboration involves the implementation of state-of-the-art Nokia technology to bolster the robustness and capacity of Wessex’s core network. This initiative aims to guarantee the provision of the swiftest possible broadband speeds to customers for years to come.
Furthermore, by moving to this technology (called XGS-PON), Wessex Internet will need fewer fibres in the ground and fewer cabinets above ground. This approach means Wessex can not only speed up the local roll-out to waiting communities, but also minimise its equipment and energy needs, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Wessex Internet’s network engineering foreman Wayne Turner with Grant Green of Blandford Tools, the first customer to connect to the XGS-PON technology

Work’s already begun
The deployment of the advanced XGS-PON infrastructure has already commenced within Wessex’s network, and customers in Sunrise Business Park, Blandford are the first to enjoy the connection through this new technology.
Hector Gibson Fleming, Wessex Internet’s CEO, expressed his enthusiasm, stating:
‘Our partnership with Nokia is fantastic step forward for Wessex Internet which is already delivering improvements to the capacity and resilience of our network. More importantly, it gives us a clear technology roadmap which is future-proof. This ensures our network will deliver the speeds and reliability that our customers need for decades to come, ensuring that rural communities are not left behind as technology changes.’
Echoing this sentiment, Phil Siveter, UK&I CEO/CSO at Nokia, remarked:
‘We are proud to partner with Wessex Internet to help bring high-quality 10Gbs broadband services to their customers. As demand for Gigabit and symmetrical services grows, next-generation fibre technologies like XGS-PON play a critical role in delivering and supporting the ultra-broadband services customers require today and in the future.’


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