Reader’s letters, polluted waters and Holtby & Co


The first of The BV’s July podcasts – in which we hear all the letters, Jenny interviewing Andrew Livingston on the issues around phosphates in our rivers – and whether its the farmers or the water companies to blame –and Terry meets George Holtby of Holtby & Co in Sherborne.

  • Editor’s Letter from Laura in which she muses on her optimism for the future, plus all the reader’s letters from June
  • Farmers can be prosecuted for damaging short stretches of river, but when will water companies be held accountable for their actions? Jenny talks to Dorset farmer and journalist Andrew Livingston.
  • George Holtby of Holtby & Co in Sherborne previously worked as a porter at Christie’s in South Kensington – the busiest saleroom in the world – where he absorbed knowledge ‘by osmosis’. He ended up in Sherborne by accident, and has now set up for himself in the Old Yarn Mills. Terry hears about how and where he buys, and George’s plans for the future (‘I want to buy better!’).

The BV podcast goes beyond the pages of the magazine, providing you with exclusive insights, behind-the-scenes stories, and in-depth conversations with our guests. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to take a look at the July issue of the BV here or visit our website to explore the articles and stories featured. 


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