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Mike Chapman Lib Dems
Mike Chapman Lib Dems

‘Tis the season of exams. I was cheered recently when an invigilator described the efforts that go into providing a level playing field for all those sitting exams, whatever their disadvantages or disability – from different colours of paper to C-Pen readers, scribes and interpreters.
Nothing, though, to suggest that a student should do anything other than bring their A game and give the thing their best shot.
With that questioning spirit in mind, here is a short quiz with some suggested answers:
Q: What do the Conservative Government and the recent Glastonbury festival have in common?
A: A rather tired line-up giving us a few last hurrahs (and a few notable early departures) …
Q: What do government, local and national and English cricket both need to do?
A: Embrace a broader, more inclusive and representative approach. Stop ministering to a like-minded, narrow-minded and class-conscious minority. Throw the doors open to talent, energy, commitment and fair-mindedness.
Q: (many and various): Where is the credible plan for…
… net zero? For a UK response to huge US and EU investment in the technologies of the future? For an effective, balanced strategy for NHS and public sector manpower, pay and conditions, for training and deploying the thousands of GPs we so sorely need? For beating down core inflation? For preventing profiteering by retailers, banks and energy providers? For protecting our environment from self-serving utility companies? For building the houses and communities we need? For enhancing our food security? For providing reliable, affordable public transport? For resolving the mess that is our economic relationship with Europe?
I could go on …

Multiple choice section:
Is our Army: a) the strongest it has ever been b) getting stronger by the year or c) the smallest and weakest for 200 years?
Is the NHS: a) going from strength-to-strength b) brilliant by international comparison or c) worryingly fragile and open to fragmentation and sell-off?
Is Brexit: a) a success b) still the right thing to have done, or c) both feet well and truly shot to pieces?
The by-elections on 20th July give people across the country the opportunity to put this government on notice. A stronger message MUST follow: not simply ‘must do better’, but that there is no confidence and even less trust in the Conservative ethos of personal freedom (aka ‘look after Number One’ and ‘let the devil take the hindmost’). Theirs has been an historic failure that now needs fixing by the grown-ups on behalf of all of us – and our kids and grandkids.
This government is now visibly hunkering down, eking out its last months in power and focusing on the few dog-whistle topics that make the headlines in their safe papers.
That isn’t government. It is having us on.
Mike Chapman,
North Dorset LibDems


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