A seaside bus route, worried farmers and the skinny on good snacking


Four interviews to round up June’s podcasts – and they couldn’t be more varied! Rachael Rowe talks about how to make the most of the £2 bus fare in Dorset, Terry visited Oliver’s Coffee shop in Sherborne, A note of gloom from farmer Andrew Livingston and brilliant first interview with Karen Geary our resident nutritional therapist – who is endlessly fascinating.

Thanks to a nudge from a local villager, Rachael Rowe tried a trip under the new £2 bus fare cap. Terry finds out that she hasn’t been on a bus since moving to Dorset, and has now discovered a new method of adventure! Environmentally and economically, opting for the bus is a great idea – and Rachael points out that there are a lot of routes included in the scheme, not just to enable a weekly shop but also for days out to the coast and the New Forest too!

On a visit to Oliver’s Coffee Shop in Sherborne, Terry chats to owner Jane Wood in this month’s Meet Your Local – discovering the century of history still visible in the cafe’s decor, as well as finding out more about Jane herself as she lets us behind the counter to hear about the current challenges and what’s happening in the popular coffee shop on Cheap Street. 

The UK’s first post-Brexit trade deals begin amid agricultural industry concerns and severe labour shortages. Jenny talked to farming columnist Andrew Livingston about the real effect on our supermarket shelves. He suggests that it’s not even so much about supporting British farmers as much as it is an issue around animal welfare. UK farmers are held to high standards, but the latest trade deals allow for a concerning flexibility in welfare of animals raised in other countries.

Nutritional therapist Karen Geary is a regular BV columnist, and she spoke to Terry about how her time living in California lead her into a later-life career switch. In her first appearance on the podcast we not only discover she has a brilliantly contagious laugh, but find out that her patients usually turn to her as a last resort, when they’re frustrated with the lack of solutions elsehwere. This month she’s looking at snacking – and what might be a good strategy for a balanced diet and losing weight.

The BV podcast goes beyond the pages of the magazine, providing you with exclusive insights, behind-the-scenes stories, and in-depth conversations with our guests. If you haven’t seen it yet, be sure to take a look at the June issue of the BV here or explore the website to see the articles and stories featured. 


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