Rescuing 40,000 animals, TV’s Salvage Hunter in Sherborne, and a lack of listening in the food industry


Three fascinating interviews this week – Jenny chatted to Kevan Hidges of ferne Animal Sanctuary about it’s fascinating and inspiring history and work. Terry dropped in to Molecula Antiques in Sherborne, after he spotted Karyn Speed on an episode of Salvage Hunters. Lastly, Jenny sat down with John Farrand of the Guild of Fin foods, who had some things to say after the government’s recent Farm to Fork summit…

Jenny’s interview with Kevan Hodges of the Ferne Animal Sanctuary looks back at the last 80 years, from the shocking (to modern minds) need for a sanctuary in wartime Britain (an estimated 3/4 million pets were euthanised at the start of the war), to reflecting on the fact that Ferne has saved around 40,000 animals.
They have up to 200 dogs a year surrendered to them, and the same for cats – the vast majority of whom they need to rehome – but the livestock they take in finds its forever home at Ferne. The Sanctuary receives around 10,000 visitors a year, and they’re keen for more!
(You can find them at – we’re especially keen to find a home for lovely Amber the lurcher!)

Terry visited the Old Tarn Mills in Sherborne to talk to Karyn Speed of Molecula Antiques, who appears on TV’s Salvage Hunters. She invited Terry into the surprise interior of Molecula, where the old industrial factory unit is laid out with a stunning display of their modern 20th century design, Molecula’s speciality and passion: “the attitude used to be that ‘antiques were more than 100 years old’. And we used to go to antique fairs with 1950s, 1960s furniture – the looks we used to get from some of the dealers! They were like ‘this is NOT an antique, I grew up with ths stuff!’. But we were ahead of our time, it’s never been more popular!”
She talks Terry through some of the items on display, and talks about her time on Salvage Hunters.
See Molecula’s website

Jenny talks to John Farrand about the work of the Guild of Fine Food, including their Great Taste Awards – many will recognise the iconic black and gold logos. The guild also runs the world cheese awards, and works with the nation’s smaller food and drink businesses. The organisation has become a powerful voice, representing the smaller producers and retailers at government level, is present on a DEFRA steering group… though John points out they’re not always listened to. He talks to Jenny specifically about the government’s recent Farm to Fork summit – and the lack of representation through the fact that ‘those in power only consult with those in power’. He points out that the necessary nimbleness and sharp, innovative thinking is present within the multitude of smaller businesses across the country. 
See more about the guild on their website


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